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The Aborigonal religion is based heavily on the Dreaming. The Dreaming is the Aboriginal creation story. Aborigines believe that at the beginning of time the world was a shapless mass of nothing, waitng to be transformed into what we see today. The mythic beings called the ancestors arrived, the ancestors took many shapes, although most commonly they were great serpants. The ancestors began to travel across the world shaping the landscape and creating new life as they went. Every major geographical feature in australia has an aboriginal story to explain it. The Dreaming gets very abstract, it turns almost into another dimension. Aborigines beleive that they are constantly living in the Dreaming and that every time they do something they leave an impression on the other reality that is the Dreaming

Ayers rock pictured below is an example of a landform shaped by the ancestors.


Ayers Rock, the largest monolith in the world

The above art pictures two of the ancestors fishing.